A Family Art Gallery: Displaying children’s book-inspired artwork

We are often inspired by picture book illustrations and artwork when we sit down at our creative table, and we’ve accumulated quite a large collection of artistic pieces (Below is just a small selection).

For years, I’ve been wanting to create a family art gallery wall in our home. Since Cam began attending kinder this intention quickly became a need.

I’d seen Ikea picture ledges used for displaying photos and books, but when I spotted them on a recent trip to Ikea I couldn’t look past them for displaying our art. Combined with all the frames I could muster up from around the house, we created this art gallery. My favourite part of this gallery is that the art is interchangeable.

Many of the pieces you see on display here were inspired by picture books:

BUBBLE WRAP PRINTING: ‘Colours, Patterns and Directions’, inspired by Press Here

TISSUE PAPER ART: ‘Springtime illustration inspired artwork’, inspired by a range of spring-themed books

NATURE STENCILS: ‘Fun with Leaves’,  inspired by a range of Autumn-themed books

STENCIL ART: ‘Experimenting with Stencil Art’, inspired by That’s Not a Daffodil and 10 Blue Wrens

TISSUE PAPER PAINTING: ‘Eric Carle Art Inspiration’

See some more of our picture book-inspired creations.

A Family Art Gallery: Displaying children’s book-inspired artwork


  1. What a gorgeous art gallery. I love that all of Cam’s creations are framed.

  2. Robyn said: On May 16, 2013

    Jackie- it looks just fabulous! I really love it!!!

  3. Jay said: On May 22, 2013

    That looks fantastic! I like that you can easily reposition them if you feel the need.

  4. I loved when you showed us this photo (on instagram was it?) :) And I love that you left the frames all mismatched. It looks wonderful. I’ve already commissioned hubby to make some shelves for the kids’ art in our new home :)

    I really love it :)

    • jackie said: On May 24, 2013

      It was Instagram. Can’t wait to see what you put together for your new home. It must be so exciting for you.

  5. That looks tops, what cute little shelves. Since dimples has been at preschool & since his art corner was established I have had so many peices I want to keep. It’s tough picking which ones to display and keep

    • jackie said: On May 24, 2013

      It certainly is. I have a few other display areas around the house too. I often ask Cammy which pieces she would like displayed.

  6. I really love the way it looks and want to do something similar in our play room! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What a wonderful display it is in itself! I think it’s so important to do follow up book activities with children and you do it so well.

  8. I so believe displaying kids artwork makes them feel so very good inside. Looks great.

    • jackie said: On May 26, 2013

      I agree, and the grandparents offering to purchase some of the art pieces makes them feel even more special.

  9. Jode said: On May 26, 2013

    What a lovely display for the family home Jackie…i really must ‘borrow’ this idea…looks so special and i bet they love seeing their art displayed in this important way.

    • jackie said: On May 26, 2013

      Oh, Cam loves it. She’s already told me that she’s not sharing the space with Ike when he starts getting creative. She’s picked out another wall in the house for him. :)

  10. Kelly said: On May 27, 2013

    Such a great way to display artwork, and so you can easily change it up if you like :-) I bet Cam loves seeing her art displayed like this!

  11. I really love the way this display looks. It really shows off all the work and is fluid so you can change it as the kids change. Beautiful!

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A Family Art Gallery: Displaying children’s book-inspired artwork

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